Slammers FC has earned a reputation as one of the best programs in the country at preparing and placing student athletes for some of the best universities — both academically and athletically. We work hard to ensure a club soccer experience to Southern California youth that is second-to-none.

Our boys program has a long history of competing at the highest levels the local, national, and world stages have to offer. We are passionate about training the young players in Southern California to become better soccer players, and better people for it. The number of young men who have gone from Slammers to the college level is one of the many ways each year we see lives changed.

Our club teams compete in the SOCAL LEAGUE, which prioritizes player growth above all else. Each boy in our program has the opportunity to be invited to one of our ECNL teams, which represents the top level of our development pathway. Each year, we also host ID events with LAFC and their academy, giving young men the chance to be scouted by MLS staff.

See the table below to view our current boys teams and their trainers.

2013U9Slammers FC B13 JLJerry Laterza909-630-1068
2012U10Slammers FC B12 ISIssac Sierra 714-656-8605
2011U11Slammers FC B11 ISIssac Sierra 714-656-8605
2011U11Slammers FC B11 DSDusan Stevamovic
2010U12Slammers FC B10 JLJerry Laterza909-630-1068
2010U12Slammers FC B10 DSDusan Stevamovic
2009U13Slammers FC B09 ISIssac Sierra 714-656-8605
2008U14Slammers FC ECNL RL B2008Erik Santana949-689-9675
2007U15Slammers FC ECNL B2007Matt Dold707-481-8956
2007U15Slammers FC ECNL RL B2007Jesus Gutierrez323-896-2110
2006U16Slammers FC ECNL B2006
2006U16Slammers FC ECNL RL B2006Freddy Mora714-240-5044
2006U16Slammers FC B06 DMDavid Mwendapole949-423-5264
2005U17Slammers FC ECNL 2005Alex Gimenez714-553-9624
2005U17Slammers FC ECNL RL 2005Sal Perez323-819-4886
2004U18Slammers FC ECNL B2004 ECNLAlex Gimenez714-553-9624
2004U18Slammers FC ECNL B2004 ECNL RLSteve Nanez562-355-1664
2003/02U18/19Slammers FC ECNL B2003/02Alex Gimenez714-553-9624
2003/02U18/19Slammers FC ECNL RL B2003/02Ricardo Escalera562-222-9739