Girls Teams


Slammers is a family. There's a place for everyone in a family. Whether you're just starting your soccer journey, looking for a new level, or hoping to play in college and beyond, we have a home for you. Learn more today!

2015U8Slammers FC G15NEWIssac Sierra
2014U9Slammers FC G14 AMI Alex Macias
2014U9Slammers FC G14 JKIJohn Kokoszka
2013U10Slammers FC G13 RG1IRyan Gonzalez
2013U10Slammers FC G13 RG2IRyan Gonzalez
2013U10Slammers FC G13 ISIIssac Sierra
2012U11Slammers FC G12 AWIAndy Winn
2011U12Slammers FC G11 JBIJustin Boatman
2011U12Slammers FC G11 PAIPete Aguirre
2010U13Slammers FC G10 JBIJosh Brooks
2010U13Slammers FC G10 ALIIAndrew Leick
2010U13HB Køge ECNL 2010ECNLPete Aguirre
2010U13Slammers FC ECNL 2010ECNLLuis Segovia
2010U13HB Køge ECNL RL 2010ECNL RLJustin Boatman
2010U13Slammers FC ECNL RL 2010ECNL RLSean Melendez
2009U14Slammers FC G09 JBIIJustin Boatman
2009U14HB Køge ECNL 2009ECNLPete Aguirre, Ziad Khoury
2009U14Slammers FC ECNL 2009ECNLCraig Bull, Walter Camargo
2009U14HB Køge ECNL RL 2009ECNL RLJustin Boatman
2009U14Slammers FC ECNL RL 2009ECNL RLJoel Cruz
2008U15HB Køge ECNL 2008ECNLCraig Bull, Cheyne Gordon
2008U15Slammers FC ECNL 2008ECNLCraig Bull
2008U15HB Køge ECNL RL 2008ECNL-RLCory Dilbeck
2008U15Slammers FC ECNL RL 2008IIWalter Tuer
2008U15Slammers FC 2008ECNL-RLLuis Segovia, Alex Macias
2007U16HB Køge ECNL 2007ECNLZiad Khoury, Craig Bull
2007U16Slammers FC ECNL 2007ECNLWalter Camargo
2007U16HB Køge ECNL RL 2007ECNL-RLRamon Reid
2007U16Slammers FC ECNL RL 2007ECNL-RLLuis Segovia
2006U17HB Køge ECNL 2006ECNLCheyne Gordon
2006U17Slammers FC ECNL 2006ECNLWalter Camargo
2006U17HB Køge ECNL RL 2006ECNL-RLMonique Segovia
2006U17Slammers FC ECNL RL 2006ECNL-RLSean Melendez
2004/05U19HB Køge ECNL 2005ECNLCheyne Gordon
2004/05U19Slammers FC ECNL 2005ECNLAndy Winn
2004/05U19HB Køge RL ECNL 2005ECNL-RLRamon Reid
2004/05U19Slammers FC ECNL RL 2005ECNL-RLLuis Segovia